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Electric Wheel Barrow

300kg capacity powered wheelbarrow. Product Size for Delivery Large Features We have worked to create the right balance between the load and the wheels to give the customers confidence when using the product which allows them to manoeuvre the wheelba ...



The BarrowMate is a robust lightweight, battery powered wheel barrow. Ideal for small tasks were size counts. Propelled by the compact but powerful hub motor inside the drive wheel the BarrowMate is exceptionally manourvable and user friendly, it eve ...



The heavy duty BarrowMate is a powerful battery powered wheel barrow specifically designed to make tasks like landscaping and yard clean ups safer and easier. The BarrowMate also come with hydraulic bucket tip to avoid strains. Even at the most chall ...



Zallys 200kg capacity powered wheelbarrow. In spite of its small size the Zallys BRIO is a very sturdy electric wheelbarrow. Ideal for thoes who have small construction jobs or even scaffolding, gardening or any type of work where transporting loads ...

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